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  • I have limped along with 2.0.4 with increasing errors over the last year or so. My blog is becoming hardly functional.

    I uploaded wordpress to my host before wordpress was supported there (10.07); now I am getting so many errors that they are suggesting I throw away the file and begin again – the host now supports wordpress.

    My blog is ranked rather high among art blogs and I do not wish to do this and lose my ranking. My host tells me to contact wordpress here; to update my file; it “should” work fine; that they can’t really help since it isn’t part of their system.

    I see from reading other entries on upgrading to upgrade that it sometimes must be done in steps.

    Which is the most stable WordPress update? I don’t need it to do anything fancy; no flash; no slide shows.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • The latest is always the best.

    You should also check if your host meets the minimum requirements.


    Thanks for the reply. I called the host who tell me that they do meet those requirements; though they were a little fuzzy on the Apache issue.

    I assume I don’t replace the entire file or I will lose my information? Which are the files that I need to replace?

    I am presenting looking in the hosting control center, using the browse button, it tells me that it supports files up to 8MB; uploading from my hard drive.

    Thank you again for your prompt reply.


    The codex is always a good place for instructions.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I assume I don’t replace the entire file or I will lose my information?

    No, your information is in the database. You will end up replacing almost all of the WordPress files.

    And make a backup of your database first, before anything! You want to have that, just in case. Make sure that the backup is valid and that you can restore it as well.

    Also, in upgrading from such an old version, it is quite likely that your site won’t work at first afterwards. Be calm and patient. Sort out the resulting issues one at a time. You’ll have to upgrade plugins and make changes to your theme. You may even have to get rid of old plugins and get new ones to replace them. Just don’t expect it to be flawless.

    thanks so much to doodlebee; for her help with this. resolved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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