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  • I want to get the benefit of WordPress for creating web apps (ex. HR system, CRM.. etc) instead of starting from scratch whether by using web frameworks (ex. Laravel, Yii) or pure PHP. For that I googled to find out which is most suitable choice for me but unfortunately I couldn’t take the final decision because I’m confused.

    Which is best framework type I’ve use from strategic point (I don’t want to migrate my codes after some years because of shutting down the project… I’m desktop/mobile dev. and I feel safe with Qt) :

    A- Custom WordPress framework:

    B- Framework to create plugins for WordPress:

    Most of the above frameworks lack of documentation/demos and most of them don’t support UI controls like usual web frameworks (I love Vaadin too much but unfortunately it’s Java based).

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  • One thing to keep in mind is whatever tool you use, it is WordPress and WordPress development only. So you’re safe because I don’t see Automattic shutting down WordPress any time soon.

    Regarding the “frameworks” for WordPress, there are all open-source so even if one of them is stopping active development you can still get a copy of the code source and update it for your project or give it a new life.

    Now for my part, the Themosis framework, there are no UI framework included by default because it’s easy to get one and add it to your theme. Just pick the library you want (Bootstrap, Foundation, …) and you’re good to go in order to style data grids.

    There is not really a “one-do-all” package. Pick the tools you’re most confident with, as a developer and for your project as well, compose everything together and you’re good to go.

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