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  • Hello all! I love wordpress. I was wondering what everyone thinks about the themes I am using on my various sites.

    Each site has a different theme, I have been tracking how they work and which ones are liked the most. Let me know what you think. I’m still up in the air on the best way to approach this, kinda learned on my own. Doing ok now though.

    1. conservative news and conspiracy site

    #1 is using the wp-clear 2.0 theme

    2. gmo foods and genetically modified crops

    I’m not sure which theme this is because I have had it for a while but i like it, what do you think?

    3. NFL football live streaming online

    this is the ctr theme and seems to work ok, is this the best route to take with a site like this?

    There u have it, I use the ctr theme on my low traffic sites and cleaner themes on more authority sites but it seems to hurt the ctr but help the seo?
    The conspiracy news website gets the most traffic by far. I guess people like to stay updated on world news, conspiracies health and technology. Either way, I would love to increase my ctr and possibly find more tricks for seo using wordpress and themes.

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  • The themes you are using look fine and seem suitable for the website topic to me.

    While a nice, clean theme is important for first impressions, the content is the most important aspect for SEO, traffic etc.

    All the best.

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