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  • … a friend of mine who is about to start up his own business. Basically he is an IT services consultant, and is going to branch out on his own, so i’ve agreed to help him out by setting up a site for him.

    I intend to use WP at the backend, but I’m wondering what theme would you recommend for the front end to give a professional looking design and ‘feel’ to the site, rather than a blog front end.

    Suggestions welcome. Thanks


    “Howl @ The Moon!”

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  • anyone?

    i recommend you start with kubrick, make the header art less in height, set the header title and description in css to display: none; and add a topmenu above the header that lists cats and pages and has a home link as well. make two cats where he can post stuff that he updates sometimes like portfolio and journal, make the rest of the site pages (like about and contact, business philosophy, etc.).

    dont use a premae theme, style it your own.
    that way it will look unique and you learn a lot 🙂

    Well – I didn’t want to go with a blog style output to be honest. that’s the whole point of looking for another / different style.

    I think the blog engine is excellent and will do as a backend (where he can post pages on site, or perhaps articles as NEWS)… but I just feel that kubrick is too simplistic.

    I had hoped someone could recommend a more stylish and professional looking theme, something which doesn’t resemble a blog site. Oh well….


    That’s just it. The Kubrick theme can be restyled using only a stylesheet to completely change the way the site looks. The reason for sticking with the Kubrick theme is because it’s stable and proven. My site design was based on Kubrick, but it “looks like a blog” because it is one. An idea would be to add a third column on the right and spread the content div out to 100% width. You can change headers, reformat fonts, modify link behavior, and do almost endless other things with a stylesheet change. Check out this page for some inspiration on what you can do with CSS.

    c0y0te, have you looked over the themes at

    Alternatively, if you have a “look” in mind for his site, then you might just want to use the loop where needed and not use a theme as frontend at all.

    I use the fGreen theme. It’s not so bloggy and easy to customize.

    jonlandrum: while it is possible to do as you’ve posted with most anything else, it is NOT entirely possible with kubrick since the whole theme is based on graphics. Before you can apply stylesheet tweaks with kubrick, you have to redo the graphics to fit what you have in mind….

    Yeah, there was a lot of stuff in the head I had to delete before working on the CSS. That’s where the images were stored on my version (don’t know about the new one packed with 2.0, though.)

    Same stuff…. kubrick is a PITA to customize.

    Thanks folks.. I guess there is no substitute for going through the hundreds of themes one by one to see which one suits.

    I just thought I’d ask in case anyone had done this already, and could recommend a theme in this instance.

    I will check the themes mentioned in this thread anyway, and then (if necessary) go on to look up the other huge list.

    Oh well – so much for the short cut 😉

    “Howl @ The Moon!”

    I do exactly what you want. I use wordpress as a backend for a few regular websites. I found it easiest to design an empty theme. I basically removed everything, so that only raw html displays. It ends up looking like this:

    If you look at the html for that, you’ll see just about everything has been removed. Customizing a theme this way is easy, as you basically remove almost everything except the loop.

    Then I design my regular site, and i use php to getfilecontents from the wordpress site. I use the full uri, with http in it, so it will give a full uri and path to any images inserted. You could actually have the wordpress site under a completely different domain if you like.

    Here is how that same content looks on the public face of the site:

    I did it this way as the original site was already there. Rather than go to a lot of work to design a wordpress theme that looks the same, I just simplified the wordpress theme, pulled data from it, and included it where needed on my site.

    coyote – a couple of recommendations, because I’ve just gone through all the wordpress themes, for my small business.

    Ones I’ve shortlisted:

    – northern-web-coders
    – connections
    – blix
    – squible
    – minima plus
    – a blog apart (bit bloggy)
    – journalised

    Thanks folks- I’ll check these out.


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