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    I’m thinking of migrating a whole site into WordPress. So I hoping for a couple of tips:
    – Easy question: Is it possible (even easy) to build a hierarcical site using WP?
    (The site will require the possibility to make at least a 4-5-level hierarchy)
    – Difficult(?): By any chance, does anyone know a theme I could use to make something similar to the site I have (
    Who could eventually help me to adjust the theme (or template files)?

    Or should I look for another system, like Joomla…? (I’d like very much to stick to WP, though)

    Kjetil Flekkoy

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    Yes, you can do hierarchies. WordPress can create what’s know as Pages that sit outside of the normally blogging structure and you have subpages and then they can have subpages etc.

    For themes, poke around and see if there’s anything that you like.

    Thanks for answering such a novice’s questions. I’ve used WP for about a year, but strangly never discovered the sub-pages. And you’re the first to inform me about sub-sub-pages. (Guess its all a parent-child thing)

    BUT: Regarding themes: Would you have any ideas on who could adjust a theme to fit my needs?
    (Also “premium” themes would be very interesting since my goal is to build a nice-looking and well-functioning site.)


    Also, don’t forget that categories can also have parent/child relationship.

    Re: theme
    You can leave a contact address in a separate topic where you explicitely ask for paid help… or you can post your request at the wp-pro mailing list:
    (see also the Forum Rules, section F)

    As far as finging innovative themes, you can find a lot of themes posted here. Many of them haven’t made it to the official theme viewer yet.

    thanks, that ‘s very useful,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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