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    I use Feedburner for my site for subscriptions and it tracks visitors to my site as well. I also check out my stats in my /stats folder. In addition to that I have the stats plugin installed. They all give me different numbers! The /stats gives me the largest numbers, which of course I like, Feedburner the next quantity, and my wordpress plugin the least. Sometimes it reports zero visitors when I know people have been to the site, and even made comments. Though my numbers are not big at all, I like to get a feel for the content that attracts the most users. Which of these is the most reliable? I have been viewing /stats since I started using wordpress, and have been relying on it to be accurate, but once I started using Feedburner, I was a little down that I didn’t have as many visitors as I had thought. Is there a difference between visitors and page requests? I know that requests and page requests are different, but don’t know how much I should rely on either…

    What has been your experience?

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  • Is your /stats folder a statistics program installed by your hosting provider?

    Ususally these packages will calculate stats from the server requests for your account. They tend to count requests by search engine spiders as well, which other stats programs don’t. This might be part of the answer. Sometimes they will see requests for javascript or css files as pageviews as well.

    My general experience is that they are not very reliable. You should try Clicky, it lets you track your visitors in a really detailed way.

    Probably. I can’t remember. The footer has “Web statistics report produced by: analog 6.0 / Report Magic 2.21”. I am hosted by Godaddy.

    I thought feedburner was accurate, but I will give Clicky a try. The free version to start…

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