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  • hello dear Experts,

    i use wp for quite a long time – but on my server-setup i am not able to install the plugins automatically.

    which server-conditions do we need to have to be able (and ready ) for the autmatic-plugin installation – through the backend

    this article does not help really…:

    Installing a WordPress Plugin :: All WordPress Plugins install in two ways. Automatic and manual.


    To automatically install a WordPress Plugin, you must have the following FTP access information ready.
    Server Hostname for FTP access
    FTP Username (not the same as your WordPress password)
    FTP Password
    Connection Type (FTP, FTPS (SSL) )
    Go to Plugins > Add New and enter the name or search term to find the WordPress Plugin you wish to add.
    To view information about the Plugin, installation help, applicable WordPress versions, etc., click Details under the Plugin name.
    To install the Plugin, click Install under the Plugin name.
    When WordPress asks, enter the above access information and proceed.

    If the WordPress Plugin installs correctly, the resulting screen will notify you that the Plugin is installed and awaiting activation. If you wish to activate it, click Activate. If you wish to delay, leave the page.


    so what do i have to tell the server-admin to be ready for the auto install of / for Plugins.

    look forward to hear from you

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  • Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    Basically, it’s easy.

    Permissions in the wordpress tree: 755 on directories, 644 on files.
    Ownership of files: The same user under which PHP is running

    Once you have that, WP is able to update itself. By default, that means it will do minor update (e.g., 5.2.3 to 5.2.4), but not major ones (5.2.x to 5.3.x), nor will it auto-update plugins. You can add constants to wp-config.php for core updating. See

    For auto-updating themes and plugins, see

    Also read

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