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    Hi AITpro

    Apologies in advance for this question, as I realise it’s been mentioned many times in the past. I’ve spent an hour researching this both here and from googling, but it’s difficult to ascertain which advice is still current due to updated plugins and which issues might be resolved or still current.

    From what I can gather, your latest advice appears to be :

    1. BulletProof Security Pro is the only security plugin needed.

    2. BulletProof Security free can be used in conjunction with Wordfence, for a belt-and-braces approach, without fear of clashing.

    Current advice is to not use BPS (free or pro) in conjunction with iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security).

    So is there any advantage in using BPS (free or pro) in conjunction with any other plugins – either firewalls, scanners, loggers or any specific niches ? I understand that BPS seems to be the best at what it does, so no need to double-up on efforts, but is there any extra bolt-tightening we can do in addition ?

    And one specific question – is the Sucuri Security plugin worthwhile in addition to BPS free/pro ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice, and keep up the great work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes, BPS Pro is the only security plugin that we use, but you can of course choose to install other security plugins. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I believe Wordfence and BPS are compatible and the only area where there might be an issue would be with Falcon since it is doing something with .htaccess code. So if you are going to use that feature then check for any issues or problems. Yes, iThemes Security/Better WP Security is no longer compatible with BPS or BPS Pro.

    BPS Pro is technically a Security Suite of security plugins all rolled into one plugin and is technically a completely different plugin than BPS free. They have some crossover and have some matching features, but the Core design/framework is different in the 2 plugins.

    BPS free can be mixed with other security plugins to cover areas that BPS does not cover. I guess the best approach would be to compare security plugins side by side and see if you can get additional features that you want from other security plugins that are not in BPS free. Then do checking to make sure there are not any issues/problems/conflicts. It is hard enough to keep track of what our plugins are doing so we only look at other security plugins from time to time when a possible conflict occurs. So I cannot really make any sort of recommendations about other security plugins. Trial and error testing is probably the best way to go with having multiple security plugins installed together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Many thanks for your quick & thorough answer, AITpro. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’re a credit to the WordPress community, and it’s good to know there are guys (teams) like you out there with that rare combination of : technical ability + passion + customer-focus.

    May your plugins and your business continue to grow from strength to strength.

    Couldn’t there also be a potential conflict with BPS (free) and Wordfence with the login security features? You mention don’t enable Falcon caching because it does something with the htaccess code – is this still a concern 5 months later?

    How about also disabling login security on one of the two plugins since they both offer it and from what I’ve read it’s generally bad practice to run two plugins offering the same feature? Probably disabling it on Wordfence? ๐Ÿ™‚

    PhotoMaldives hit the nail on the head – you are the real deal and an incredible member to this community.

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    Yep, if 2 plugin features are doing the same or similar things then you will need to choose to use one or the other since using both together will cause a conflict and will not work correctly since both are doing the same / similar thing. It would be the same thing as having 2 caching plugins installed. You only need to use 1 caching plugin.

    I believe Falcon caching code works with BPS. You would need to copy the Falcon caching code to the BPS Custom Code text box for htaccess cache code in the same way as W3TC or WPSC caching code:

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