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    My host provider (Lunar Pages) has put me on a non-production serve due to exceeding some type of PHP report that shows my site is spiking. I’m on the latest version of WordPress and just changed my password (so don’t think it is a hack).

    Is anyone aware of plugins that commonly cause are create excessive server loads? Is it a certain type of plugin, ex. stats? Or ping plugins?

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  • NewSaga


    This is from the host provider:

    Your account is still causing issues, rarely but “hard”. Every now and then he’s getting like 15-20 .php processes, that would immediately raise the load from 8 to 20. If his processes are not killed, they’ll slowly stop “rebuilding” and dying, bringing the load back to a normal value.

    Here is a list of the processes.

    2377 profe27 25 0 48972 38m 4184 R 23 1.0 0:01.80 php
    2449 profe27 25 0 39428 29m 4060 R 23 0.7 0:01.20 php
    2447 profe27 25 0 41672 31m 4108 R 22 0.8 0:01.32 php
    2426 profe27 25 0 49752 39m 4192 R 21 1.0 0:01.65 php
    28665 mysql 15 0 144m 103m 3704 S 20 2.6 226:11.11 mysqld
    2342 profe27 23 0 46300 36m 4196 R 20 0.9 0:01.91 php
    2421 profe27 25 0 49236 39m 4160 R 19 1.0 0:01.70 php
    2433 profe27 25 0 37000 27m 4084 R 17 0.7 0:01.13 php
    2480 muchf3 25 0 19544 10m 3988 R 16 0.2 0:01.19 php
    2551 gilma4 20 0 21488 12m 4080 R 11 0.3 0:00.34 php
    2381 profe27 24 0 49608 39m 4180 R 10 1.0 0:01.80 php




    I have this problem too and have started using Wp cache to ease the load….but there are issues with Wp cache if you run PHP 4 which I constantly struggle with. I’ve heard that PHP 5 is the way to go to hopefully solve issues between PHP and Wp cache…but I digress…

    I’m not sure what else can be done. Frankly, (and I know other WP users have the similar concerns) I’m surprised WordPress doesn’t address this. As WP blogs get bigger this will become a big issue. WordPress is a resource hog in this way.

    My hosting guy worked on this issue for awhile and had no answers for me except that a good cache system would help alot. WordPress’ built-in cache is worthless.

    Any other thoughts on this anyone??

    Hi there –

    I just had this problem too — right in the middle of it as we speak. Host is working on some security from their end. I am going to turn off some plug-ins in hope that they will reduce server load, starting with CyStats, and BackUpWordPress. Host just reported he is not seeing any more “spikes”, and my pages are all loading a lot faster (all week our sites have been loading slower than dial-up, on two different DSL services). My hunch is that it was CyStats that was the culprit. Good luck all.

    Yours, Scott

    NewSaga, rather than ask for a list of plugins (there are dozens and dozens), it would be easier if you told us which plugins you’re using.

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