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    My host has blocked all outbound ports in the name of security and will only open those specifically requested.

    Since they did this, the following features have stopped working:
    1. Google Analytics Dashboard (can’t contact server)
    2. Akismet (can’t contact server)
    3. eCommerce has stopped sending transaction emails
    4. WordPress has stopped sending admin emails to me (about new registrations for example)

    Interestingly, RSS feeds are OK. My dashboard can connect with WordPress News etc…

    How do I find out which ports to switch back on?



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  • Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    If your hosting provider has blocked all outbound ports, you don’t have a hosting provider. That’s not security, that’s laziness, terrible laziness. It’s like welding steel plates over your entire home (including the doors and windows) so no one can break in, there are better ways to go about it which don’t affect you as a user.

    1 and 2. Those all run over the same as WordPress. HTTP on port 80, HTTPS on port 443.

    3 and 4. Emails are done via mail in PHP, your host has probably switched that off in their PHP configuration too.

    It sounds like your hosting provider has done a lot more than just block ports, they’re blocking basic PHP functionality (like mail and remote communication).

    That’s not security, that’s terrible laziness, and it’s time for a new host. Don’t play their game, just move:

    The folks behind WordPress have a few recommendations at and for more details and other recommendations, please search through the forums or via your preferred search engine.

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