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  • I need to do the following:

    1 – 29+ protected content pages
    2 – Have a subscriber register for each individually
    3 – Subscriber/user to have a 1 year expiry from date of registration

    That’s the short of it.

    Which membership plugin will work for what I need to accomplish?

    The subscriber will purchase access to a protected page (not using PAYPAL for various reasons).

    Would like to have a register page for each “content page” so all subscribers who purchase that particular “content” will be sent to that page and register from there and not have access to any other content pages.

    Anyone have any ideas how I can accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance for all help!

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  • I also wanted to add that I installed wp-members and another membership plugin (sorry, can’t remember which one, not at my home office).. but I couldn’t figure how to create a login/registration page per content page (if that’s at all possible) AND get an expiry date with either of them.

    Don’t really want to have to create a user each time someone purchases, would like to have each person register on their own.

    If this is in the wrong category, please let me know where I should be asking this question.

    I’m totally stumped and my head is spinning trying to figure this out!

    Thanks again!!!!


    Well, I was gonna suggest “Membership” but I’m guessing you’ve tried that as the main sticking point is gonna be the per-page registration bit 🙁

    Let me ask some for folks for clarification though because I think that it’s possible to build/customise the registration form and possibly cater for this.


    Thanks Phil.

    I would think it would work similiar to that as if someone were purchasing and going thru PAYPAL, which would then send them to the correct page to log in etc.

    Just can’t get my head around how to make it work.!

    Thanks for the help!


    OK.. got a question on this..

    What IF.. when someone pays for the edition they want that I create a user for them.

    AND what if the content pages were actually categories or groups..

    AND what if when creating the user account, that it gets assigned to a category/group whereas they can see ONLY that category/group?

    It’s sort of a membership, but they don’t register for a username/password, I would provide it to them once they’ve paid.

    Would this work best?

    Of course they’d have to get mulitple usernames/passwords if they purchase more than 1 edition.. unless a user can be assigned to more than 1 category/group when I create it?

    Make any sense?

    And thanks!

    Any news on this? I know it hasn’t been all that long, but I’d like to get this in the works..or at least try 🙂

    I always figured that if it can be thought of that it can be done.. and of course WP can do anything, right? 🙂

    Does anyone else need to do something like this?

    Thanks again for all your help! 🙂

    Hmm… you could provide one subscription option but have some sort of manual user approval on registration, allowing you the time to manually assign a level that implements a category-based rule set yes.

    I’m not sure about assigning multiple levels though so yeah, they might need multiple user accounts.

    Or you could create levels for multiple categories, instead.

    Have a play around – you’ll soon figure it out!

    If you don’t mind paying, I use one called “WP-Emember” from You can set different permissions for different levels of membership, free or paid for, self registration etc. Support is pretty good too.

    Thanks Philip and Matty..

    I was playing around with it last nite.. The plugin that I’m using is:
    “Page Security by Contexture”.

    Where I could create many as I wanted..

    And I could create a user and assign that user to as many categories as needed.

    BUT I could not find a place to put an expiry date on the user.

    So.. if I were to do this (categories and assign users to categories).. would I need another plugin (and which one), to make the username/password expire at an assigned date?

    I think I’m getting there. I was hoping to not be involved after creating this.. and I’m not sure I want the site owner to try to update a user (for various reasons).. BUT if this works (only need to get an expiry date assignment to the user), then I’ll be happy and my client will be happy to.

    Any ideas on this?

    I will certainly check out WP-Emember, Matty.. anything and everything is worth checking out for sure 🙂

    Thanks for the help !

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