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  • A fresh clean install or running the upgrade on a previous vesion, or it does not matter, they are the same.

    leave your thoughts

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  • They’re the same.

    As far as WP is really concerned, they’re twins.

    the only thing that upgrade changed I thought was the database. So if you wanted to import old posts from previous versions of wp, then you’d need to run the upgrade.

    @lawtai I will let some one else field that but my guess is no because you could just add the old db info into the new wp-config.php

    well, I believe that WP 1.2 used more database tables than 1.5 does. So the upgrade cuts down on the number of tables WP uses.

    1.2* had 13 tables, 1.5 has 9….

    Not to add to the confusion but lets say I have two versions running on my server/separate servers under differernt db names could I not edit both the db config files and swap db so that the 1.5 has the old config from the 1.2.1 and the 1.2.1 has the db info from 1.5 if this makes sence to anyone?

    Well, maybe, if the two files are congruent.

    congruent Now that is one word I have not heard in a log time!!!!!

    i don’t think that the two tables are the same though? a bunch of tables were dropped and maybe added to other tables? so even if you linked 1.5 to the correct 1.2 database tables, I don’t think that itd’ work.

    I am only talking about the config file though, for instance I could change the config file on one to the other and then all the posts would show up there, now I am even more confused then when I started this thread.

    the config file, wp-config.php references the databases. However, without running upgrade.php you would be referencing the 1.2 database structure which I don’t think would work, even if you called it correctly in the config file. It could be possible, but I’m pretty sure your wordpress wouldn’t work properly aftewards.

    lawtai is right: you cannot use the tables created by 1.2 with the files from 1.5. That’s why you have to run upgrade.php.

    @moshu/Laitai But I could essencially change the 1.2.1 db config file to the 1.5 and it should run perfectly and I will put it to rest, only thing that made me contemplate in the beginning was someone made mention of their 1.2 upgrade like it was not the real deal

    What is a “db config file”?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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