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  • i want to install and use wordpress on my computer please help me which is better service xampp or wamp….later i need to upload my local website to live website ….iam also running now on live server

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  • Hello,

    I don’t know which service out of the two would be better for you. Personally I’m running MAMP at home which is probably the easiest to use (in my opinion) and at work I use WAMP which can sometimes be a bit complicated to set up.

    If you don’t have source control, uploading your site to live can easily be done via FTP using Filezilla or similar. If you are using source control such as GIT opt for a service like

    ~ Steven

    MAMP, love it

    This is copied from:

    WAMP v/s XAMPP:

    WAMP [ Windows, Apache, Mysql, Php]

    XAMPP [X-os, Apache, Mysql, Php , Perl ] (x-os : it can be used on any OS )

    Both can be used to easily run and test websites and web applications locally. WAMP cannot be run parallel with XAMPP because with default installation XAMPP gets priority and it takes up ports.

    WAMP easy to setup configuration in. WAMPServer has a graphical user interface to switch on or off individual component softwares while it is running. WAMPServer provide an option to switch among many versions of Apache, many versions of PHP and many versions of MySQL all installed which provide more flexibility towards developing while XAMPPServer doesn’t have such an option.

    XAMPP is easy to use than WAMP. XAMPP is more powerful. XAMPP has a control panel from that you can start and stop individual components (such as MySQL,Apache etc.). XAMPP is more resource consuming than WAMP because of heavy amount of internal component softwares like Tomcat , FileZilla FTP server, Webalizer, Mercury Mail etc. XAMPP also has SSL feature.

    Take time to experiment with both and see what suits you best!

    Of course MAMP is fantastic too! <;

    These days you should try Docker way.
    Installing local WordPress with Docker

    Dominic Bowkett


    wamp is very quick & easy local server for localhost.

    Local by Flywheel

    This is a product that you used to have to pay for but it is now free! It works on any OS and you can spin up as many WordPress websites as you want, no server knowledge needed. I just started using it as my theme/plugin building platform works great.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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