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    I have found four web hosting providers that are, HostMonster, BlueHost, HostGator, and DreamHost. I want to purchase shared hosting as I’m a beginner and my website get’s around 1000-2000 visits per day. Please tell me that which one of the above mentioned host provider is reliable and best.

    Currently I’m using ThePlanet hosting, but it’s not reliable and my website goes down frequently. That’s why I’ve decided to change host.

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    Experiences vary, so you are unlikely to get a consensus of opinions. There are plenty of hosting threads in the forum. You could try searching for a few of them.



    Dreamhost looked pretty good to me. Just a few minutes ago I tried to sign up but their page for taking my credit card number and expy date didn’t work. I went to the service page where I found out that you can’t call for service but only can e-mail. I need to be able to call. A non-functioning payment page and e-mail only customer service suggests to me that I move on.



    As esmi said, experiences vary. Any host you go to is likely to have problems here or there at some point–that’s the nature of the industry, but the problems shouldn’t be always and often. I have personally been hosting with BlueHost for quite a while now and have thus far had a wonderful experience. My sites have functioned really well and have been very fast.

    From my own experience I would recommend BlueHost. Reports of others seem to often recommend BlueHost or A Small Orange, but again, It’d be best to do some browsing of your own and, no matter where you end up, there is no guarantee that it will be perfect, but you should be able to find your sites running smoothly and being up over 99% of the time.



    @esmi: Thanks for reply. Yes, I’ve seen lots of thread about hosting in the forum but most of them are old. That’s why I’ve started this thread.

    @jabzebedwa Thanks for reply. I also liked DreamHost because I’ve seen the 50$ discount coupon code, but when I go to their website to check the online support then I found that I must need to be registered on their website to use online support and the only option available is to email them.

    @bh_wp_fan Thanks for reply. Yes you’re right, nobody is perfect. Thanks for your recommendation, and my friends has also recommended me to go for BlueHost. But before buying any host, I want to know the experience of users. As I’ve mentioned above that currently I’m using ThePlanet’s hosting and the downtime of my website is about 30-40 minutes daily which effects my ranking.

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    Which hosting package do you currently have at The Planet? They are usually very reliable in fact I didn’t know they had a shared hosting plan. I thought they mainly did dedicated servers and rented server space to other hosting companies. I know HostGator and others house their shared hosting servers at The Planet’s data centers.

    I use HostGator and have never had more than 5 or 10 minutes a month of downtime and I use Pingdom to keep tabs on it.

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    I’m a fan of BlueHost and HostGator but the truth is I currently have all 5 of my sites being hosted by GoDaddy.

    As someone said earlier, you’ll find horror stories from every hosting company but from my personal experience, I love GoDaddy. My sites are rarely down, the cost is comparable to others, and the customer service have been nothing short of amazing.



    I’ve been installing WP 3.0 on two different hosting providers and testing, moving etc and I have to say Hostgator was the easiest, with the least if any problems and if you do need support they are great and available immediately thru chat… I’m not familiar with the other two you mentioned so I can’t offer comments.

    @gabeyoung… count your blessings with GoDaddy… I wouldn’t use them under any circumstances… have yet to hear a good thing about their hosting (‘cept for you)… just nightmare stories from many, many, many users… professional and newbies… Count your blessings!



    I’m closing this thread off, because hosting rec threads tend to just attract spam, and it’s otherwise massively subjective for the most part. Your best bet is to do a google search for hosting, or scope for recommendations from friends and colleagues. There are also some WordPress recommended hosts on

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