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which host is right for me?

  • I plan on having multiple sites and I’m a newbie so I would like good phone tech support.

    I have been looking at Dreamhost and Bluehost. Dreamhost seems good but it does not have phone tech support. I also like Bluehost but I read bad things about it in these forums.

    I would appreciate suggestions on a good host that fits the needs I mentioned above. I would especially welcome comments on Dreamhost and Bluehost.

    Thank you.

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  • ok, I am now also looking at A Small Orange, 1and1 and Yahoo hosting.

    How does the storage space and bandwidth play in my search for a host? how much do I need if I want to run 2 or 3 sites?

    I reccommend aso, read my post here:


    Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

    Re the list, unfortunately, it looks like youve not made any real comparisons about the differences between merely hosting plain ole websites and hosting mysql/php driven sites.

    A good deal of the hosts on that list are “repeat offenders” as far as not making it easy to install wordpress.

    things to consider:

    1. do they offer cpanel or plesk, or do they have their own sort of admin area .. Atleast one of the hosts on that list has their own flavor of an admin area .. That makes for a difficult time in explaining to someone that might be having trouble where and how to get to phpmyadmin, for starters. A recognizable, “standard” web admin area makes things much simpler.

    2. more coming

    whooami – yes, I have heard only good about aso but I am concerned about support as I am a newbie. do you think that their chat and email would be enough to help me through any issues I might have? also, thier plans are more expensive and give less storage and bandwidth than others. they are still a serious option though.

    Can you please specify which host does not have cpanel? is it 1and1?

    Thank you, I appreciate your help.

    1and1 does not use cpanel, no, theyre also discussed here alot .. and it tends to be about install/setup issues.

    iPowerWeb doesnt use cpanel either.

    while hostgator uses cpanel, they were also massively hacked via the last cpanel security problem. Frankly, that tells me a lot about them.

    One of the hosts mentioned on that blogspot blog is lunarpages, I had three domains on LP for some time. I have to be honest and say the support was pretty wretched. I needed a backup at the point my nephew closed an account, and if I remember correctly, they wanted $50.00 for a copy.

    as far as aso goes, they also have live beta supprt chat, which the 2 times Ive needed support, has been wonderful, and immediate. They update their forums also, with any outage issues, and seem to be very timely about replying to posts within the forums.

    They offer php4 and 5, and I actually needed curl which I didnt seem to have available initially, and in 5 minutes time, after asking, I had it. The same with the ssh request.

    I see, and what about yahoo and bluehost. Bluehost gives a lot of space and bandwidth and has phone tech support. yahoo has phone tech support and has automatic updating for wordpress. what are your thoughts on them?

    dont know .. except that Yahoo especially see’s their share of posts here related to, you guessed it, install issues, permalinks, etc..

    Y! tech support will always send you here. They don’t know anything about WP. As for the automatic upgrade – I’d never rely on them…
    Based on the zillion questions that we answer here for Y-hosted wordpressers, I’s say: stay away from them!


    thank you for advice as I was considering Y! only for their tech support they say they offer. Curious, why are they recommended on the hosting page if they have so many problems with wordpress?

    You must be very young… or very naive 🙂



    $ometime$ thing$ like that become obviou$ a$ you ponder them.

    😉 well said.

    Hmmm, so I have decided that good tech support is what is most important to me, and both yahoo and 1and1 have been ruled out because of everyone’s helpful feedback.

    So I’m down to a small orange, dreamhost, and bluehost. I already know that a small orange is good. can anyone comment on dreamhost and bluehost?

    by the way, happy turkey day to all!

    I wouldn’t touch Dreamhost, after reading the problems they seem to have had of recent and don’t seem to be able to fix. Type Dreamhost into Google and look for customer feedback – real customer feedback, not what’s on their site. I did – and it made me decide against using them.
    I am with Synhosting (www.synhosting.com) (recommended to me) and I find them extremely good and very responsive. And I did a lot of comparison beforehand. I wasn’t after huge lobs of bandwidth – most hosts promise it but they know most people won’t use it. From what I’ve heard, many who offer large GG’s of b/w can cut you off once you get anywhere near using it – because of course they’ve oversold. Also many people want to host as cheaply as possible. IMO you get what you pay for. In the end – do your research and ask trusted people and ask questions of your prospective host.

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