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  • Hello everyone.

    I’d like to add a gallery to my WordPress blog. What are my options? Do any of you have a favorite gallery plugin?
    I’d like a gallery that can serve up different sizes of the same image, if possible.

    Also, I’d like the equivalent of a gallery for ZIP files, preferably with image previews. There are other types of content I’d like to manage, and I’d even hack an existing gallery to get this to work.

    Thanks everybody.

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  • IMO, the best is G2:
    Please do read the docs as this is fairly complicated.

    LOVE the gallery plugin from Andy Staines…. it works SO well….

    Thanks for the info, Samboll.

    I’ve heard good things about G2 in the past, didn’t know there was a WP plugin. Looks like WPG2 2.1 is still under development though.

    The site mentions that G2 can handle audio and video, as well. If it can handle audio, can I trick it into handling generic ZIP files?

    Also, seems that I need a graphics toolkit:
    ‘One of the following graphics toolkits: NetPBM 9.x or newer, ImageMagick 5.x or newer, GD 2.x or newer, GraphicsMagick 1.x or newer (or else you get no thumbnails!)’

    Which one do you recommend?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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