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  • Which forum should a newbie/total novice use to ask really basic Q’s? I mean I’m really new. I just paid GoDaddy $13 to reserve a .com name and now I need to use something better than their crappy 1-page template to build a website. I don’t know if WordPress is even for me, it was just recommended to me by a friend. So I don’t have a version # (as this form asks above) to list here. I have not even downloaded it yet. And I don’t even know if I want to use WordPress or if it’s right for me. I don’t want to waste time going down this road if it’s not going to get me what I need. I want a website that looks sort of like this: -a website that is easy to set up, as far as user-friendly templates go. I can fill in the content no prob, I just need the skeleton in place so to speak. I’ve heard good things about WordPress, and I would like to get up to speed on it without having to go back to my buddy to have him take his time to train me in it. So thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I’m looking forward to a great learning experience here.


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  • The easiest way to test drive WordPress is with I’m not clear if you have also bought web hosting from GoDaddy or anyone else. Your $13 to reserve a .com name doesn’t pay for web hosting, just registration of the domain name.

    It is possible to use your domain name on, which is free and avoids the need for buying web hosting. has its own support, forums and lots of great introductory info on their site.

    Here, we just support WordPress for those who buy their own web hosting and install WordPress themselves.

    Hello! I managed to get started (yesterday) by buying ‘WordPress To Go’ by Sarah McHarry from Amazon (Kindle download). Only paid 3€

    It’s written for total beginners in plain English and takes you step by step through the process to build your own site.

    I really recommend it.

    and if you haven’t got a kindle (which I haven’t) you can download the book to your computer.

    There are, of course, books on programming in php available. Before you buy a beginner’s WordPress book though, be sure it covers php programming, or be prepared to buy two different books, as many beginner’s WordPress books do not really help you understand php, as they assume that is a more advanced topic.

    My honest opinion is that you should invest in a simple step-by-step video training course on how to install a WordPress website.

    You can probably get what you need off YouTube for free but if you really want to get to grips with it I recommend a step-by-step course.

    The site you reference is a very simple site – you could quickly do a lot better than that if you get the right training and it would not be expensive. Go to the Warrior Forum and ask the Warriors for their recommendations on training.

    Alternatively outsource your site set-up – it would be very cheap.

    I’m very new to WordPress, have a site up and running, but find that almost NONE of the so-called “WordPress for beginners” “WordPress for Dummies”, tutorials, videos, etc. really introduce a new beginner to WordPress or to Website building or Blogging. Maybe this introductory level of information exists, but after searching and viewing countless blogs, sites, videos, I haven’t come across what is needed.

    The site and codex mentions “ease of use” — it isn’t easy, unless you have struggled for weeks, months, years using other tools, and find WordPress actually “better”. I mean “better”, not “easy”. There are thousands or hundreds of thousands of WordPress “consultants” out there who provide services because it “isn’t” easy.

    So, for a beginner, no, let’s say a “pre-beginner”, there are some pre-conditions to your using WordPress to create a blog or content management website:

    1) You need to understand file management, text editors, FTP utilities and “Safe” file editing techniques (see point 4, below). All the WordPress info I have found so far assume you know this stuff and ignore or skip over it.

    2) Be prepared to edit files and change the PHP or CSS files that will be part of your site. Hosting companies provide the editor, or do it on your PC if you are OK with using FTP to move files to/from the hosting server. In my opinion, the “editor” functions on the WP Dashboard, wp-admin, will only do certain things, perhaps not safely (i.e., I don’t think automatic copying from base theme to child theme happens when you use the editors).

    3) The Themes (a collection of WordPress folders and files) that I have investigated may have very helpful support people and forums (or not), but they all tend to solve problems or adjust their themes by instantly reverting to editing PHP or CSS files.

    4) Learn about “safe” file management, because the default tools don’t protect you from making human errors in the files you change, and they don’t have automatic roll-back to a working system. The “Child Themes” capability goes part way to solve the problem, but again, requires that you copy files from the main theme to the child theme directories on your website folders. I haven’t seen if/how they provide recovery automation.

    5) Assuming you have your website hosted by someone, you MUST learn the hosting service’s utilities for file management and editing. Also, if the hosting company offers daily backups for a reasonable price ($1 per month or so), TAKE it.

    6) While on the subject of hosting companies/services, they ALSO assume too much about a beginner, and don’t take the time to walk you through their tools and services.

    7) And some of the hosting services don’t know very much about WordPress, even if they have installed it for you.

    8) You will also need to be able to install and use an FTP application on your PC or Mac, in case you need to upload or download files to and from the hosting site. Keeping a local backup of files is one reason.

    9) Keep looking for basic, introductory tutorials, videos, blogs, forum posts, etc. because perhaps there is information out there somewhere.

    can someone help me ? I can access my dashboard but when I try to visit my page all I see is an error page



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

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