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  • I’m developing on my local server a website and I want to change the port dedicated to it from 86 in 81, but does not appear to me, but it gives me an error page, because it recall the 86
    http://myserver:81/webroot/ becomes http://myserver:86/webroot/
    I’ve checked .htaccess (but it’s void), all files in the webroot, in the database but nothing with 86
    in wp-config.php there is this variable ABSPATH
    where I can change it?
    Can someone help me?

    I’ve another similar error
    inside of my lan, I can look the website that I development,but if I do the same outside of my lan the pages are without formatting only html without javascript and css
    In my lan the address is similar to http://myserver:81/webroot/
    and outside

    bye and thanks for your help

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  • just fire following query on your wordpress database that will solve your issue.
    update wp_options set option_name='http://myserver:86/webroot/' where option_name='siteurl';

    If you still facing the issue then write to me at [email address removed due to your URL is in violation of the WordPress trademark usage policy (see for details)]

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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