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    I want to build a matching function where people can present themselves with their specialisms, and visitors can search based on their interest.
    I expect that I can define the characteristics of the offered services with the custom fields in Meta Box, right?
    Next thing is to allow the “sellers” to specify their specialities. Should I use the Front End Submission for this purpose, or better define each seller as user and use the User Profile extension? (I am trying to figure out to go for Core bundle + 1 additional extension, or gor for the developer bundel and have them all.)
    Third thing is to enable searching through the sellers offerings. I understand that for this purpose it is best to purchase a license of FacetWP, right?

    Would this all be a solid base for building such website?
    Just seeking some sort of confirmation before purchasing any licenses.

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    Thanks for asking great questions.

    1. For building the characteristics of the offered services, custom fields in Meta Box is the best choices. If the number of choices for a specific characteristic is limited, you should consider using custom taxonomies. See this post for details.

    2. For sellers: I think using a custom post type with custom fields is better than using user profile. The CPT and custom fields allow you to create frontend template for each user easier (it’s just a single-cpt.php template). Plus, it’s more kind of content on your website than a user profile page (where you should see only user-related info such as password, avatar, etc.).

    With that you can use the MB Frontend Submission extension to let them submit the info. To let users manage what they submitted, you can ask them to register accounts on your website first. The extension MB User Profile can be helpful at this point.

    3. Searching: If the custom fields are not complicated (not nested groups), then you can write your own search functionality. It’s not hard as you might think. I wrote a tutorial that you can refer to.

    If the custom fields are complicated, FacetWP is a good choice. What I love from this plugin is ajax-refreshing. It works great with the free extension Meta Box – FacetWP Integrator.

    I hope that helps you decide which way to go with. I recommend the Developer Bundle, which have everything you need. The Core Bundle doesn’t have the frontend extensions (for both custom fields and user profile).

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh


    My bad, the reply above is mine. I forgot to log out from another account.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will go for the Developer bundle.

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