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  • Hello, first time caller. I have been reading everywhere, checking forums and posts, here and elsewhere, but can’t really find a simple answer to this question:

    Which files or folders, exactly, need to be uploaded (with ftp) from my local WP instance on my Mac to my hosted WP account? When I add a blog post, or picture, or new page on my local WP, what must I upload to affect the change on my hosted, internet-live WP?

    Relevant info:
    My local instance is a Bitnami Stack. It seems to be running fine and everything (mySQL and Apache servers running, and I can log in and change stuff). Similar to XAAMP I guess?

    I’m hosted on FatCow (great place, really like them). I can access my site and everything through FTP. I used their site to install WP into my account (using simplescripts).

    I downloaded all the WP stuff from my host onto my local machine and replaced the WP instance inside the Bitnami install (I think this is OK, they were both 3.5.1) so it would all match up. I just dont know what to upload to the host (my internet is slow, and i only want to upload what is changed)

    Thanks for the help. I’m very familiar with computers and whatnot, so I hope I’m not missing something simple here. I’ve been using iWeb for years to host a site, but now I’m trying to learn FTP and local vs hosted instances and all that, trying to wrap my head around it all.

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  • You will have to upload your entire wordpress database and /wp-content/uploads folder from your wordpress installation or the tables which has changed and specific month folder from specific year folder which is in uploads folder in case if you do not want to upload whole stuff because of slow internet.

    For Example :
    If you have changed/created new post/page with images then you will have to import wp_posts table from your local database and upload this folder wp-content/uploads/2013/02( if you have uploaded media/images in February 2013).

    You will also have to change link of posts/pages and paths of media/images from your local server path to your current server path.

    Thanks for the reply vinod.

    From what you are saying, it doesn’t seem as easy as what I had hoped.

    I assumed I would have to upload the contents folder if I changed that. I also need to upload a wp_posts table file? The only one I find is in mysql/data/bitnami_wordpress, which is not even in the apps/wordpress part of the Bitnami installation. I was hoping I could stay within the wordpress part of the install (the WordPress part of the Bitnami install, the parts that are the same as normal WP installs, are in a subfolder a level down from the mysql folder). I hope that makes sense.

    So basically, even if I upload those files correctly, I then need to also change the link paths of everything so that it works correctly on the online server? Hmmm… If I need to do all that, and it is not easy (as it doesn’t sound so to me), what is the point of having a local install of WP that I can change myself?



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    what is the point of having a local install of WP that I can change myself?

    None whatsoever. Local installs are usually only used when creating/customising a theme or plugin. They offer no benefit (or less) if you are just updating the content on your site. Better to either work online or use one of the many blog updater apps that are out there.

    Thanks esmi for the response.

    Nuts. I was hoping to be able to quickly get everything all set up on my local install, then boom, upload it to the server. Guess that’s not a good plan.

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