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    I am planning a new site. Currently I am configuring an install of magento, and not to discredit the software or project, I think it might be overkill for my particular situation.

    I have a lot of really nice photos. We are teaming up with a printer to essentially generate orders for framed photos. The products, essentially are going to be all the same, in that its just an image, and an option to purchase one of currently 4 frame types. Also, because of this, inventory is not an issue because the same image can be purchased over and over, and in fact I would like to feature the most popular ones.

    The one catch that I see if the storage of the original image. I figure we can upload a smaller watermarked version while keeping the original in a folder, not on the webserver, and handle the order generation ourselves. Of course, if the server were to handle this aspect of it, I figure it would be more work but be quite useful in the long run, reducing the risk of the wrong photos being printed.

    I recently read an article on several WP ecom plugins. I am open to commercial ones being suggested too, as I saw some value in the ones I saw. I am just curious as to which ones you think might be the most useful given my situation.

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