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  • We are looking to upgrade this website, I have a mock up version for everyone to see. Which site do ou like the best out of the two options?

    This is the current site:
    Old / Current site

    This is the one we are possibly thinking about going to:
    New site

    Also, if you have any tips to make it even better I’d love to hear them!

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  • I don’t care for your current site and vote for the new layout.

    I like too that the main content is on a white background. Much better than white text on a black background.

    Good luck,

    Not really impressive, its just a modified theme. I knew I’ve seen it before.

    I’d rather see something original.

    The NEW SITE is 1000% better than the old one. Your old/current site reminds me of of my very first website that I made long long ago. (ah the memories) But seriously, the new site is far and above better than the current one. Trust me, it doesn’t matter that you used a theme from themeforest (i <3 themeforest), what is important is that the information and pages are complete, clear, and concise.

    The recent additions don’t seem to have any content (which I’m guessing is because your are testing this new format for your site). Also, your section headings are red in color, you might want to consider another color for your headings (other than in your warning & ethics page where I would keep the red for emphasis). Try a green or blue – if you want to keep it appealing then try orange (I would just stay away from warning type colors).

    Also, the updates page was a little confusing to me. At the top of the page it says technical but is it really and there was no content or pictures when clicking on the links.

    Other than the suggestions above I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site and hope you go with that format. Good Luck!!

    I heard that for websites, you want to have all your most important info at the top of the page so readers don’t need to scroll. Is it really that big of a deal? Should I look at modifying it so that it has info at the top and not the images? Or is it good as is?

    I like it, the old is pain in but to read, just wish I was the guy got a theme from lol.

    @brianlender I think to be honest that it is just fine. However, I know many people who really hate scrolling but that is usually true of pages that are FOREVER long. But for your site I think it is just fine.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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