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  • Hello.

    I’m hoping that I’m in the right place. Pardon me if I’m not, and feel free to point me in the right direction. I’m new to WordPress and very much out of my element in regards to maintaining a website of any kind.

    In short, I had a website built for me using WordPress. Now I want to add a few buttons to it (FB like, Pinterest, maybe Twitter). I’ve managed to find a plugin for the FB Like button “April’s Facebook Like Button”. I installed it. It shows up, sort of, depending on if I set it to show “display the button on pages” or just the front page. On the homepage specifically, it seems to only show up if “all pages” is checked in the plugin settings- setting it to only “frontpage” shows nothing. Setting the plugin to “display button on pages” causes it to show up on all pages, in obtrusive areas that actually pushes the content around, but it shows on the homepage nicely centered at the bottom.

    My goal: To have it only show the button and not the count, only on the front (home) page. Regarding the Pinterest button- I’d like to add it to specific pictures in my gallery if possible.

    My problem: I have no understanding of the lingo used regarding WordPress when I search for instructions.

    Why don’t I ask the person who made the site: Because I found out too late that the company that I paid to make the site outsources to another country, turn around time is maddening, and it was a bad experience overall for many reasons.

    I dislike being the newbie asking for an answer that’s already been answered several times over, please forgive me if that’s what I am.

    Thank you.

    My site:

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  • There are lots of plugins to add social buttons available. (We’re talking hundreds, even thousands here… it’s crazy)

    My personal recommendations:
    Digg Digg
    Simple Social Buttons

    Hi Shane. Thank you for your picks. I’m going to use the Simple Social Buttons plugin. Do you know how or even if there is a way to stop the buttons that I have activated from showing up on certain my contact and services page?

    I think there is an option to stop them appearing on Pages altogether. I’m sure there is also a way to restrict specific pages too. The author would be the best person to ask with that question.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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