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    Hey, since the last update (4.7) there is no “underline” button on the tool bar for word processing in creating a post! When I searched this forum, all I find are requests to be able to remove the underline for links texts, to which I would add my voice.

    However, there is also a legitimate need in word processing to underline things other than hyperlinks, for example, the correct way to cite a documentary source is to underline the title, followed by the author and other information. This requires a simple underline and not a “link”.

    Please add back in an underline button next to the “bold” and “italics” and “link” buttons! Otherwise I have to manually add the underline every time!

    Thanks for all you folks do.

    Tony Henrie
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  • Moderator Steve Stern


    Ok. Well, that was helpful, sort of.

    I did find that one line, way down into the first link that said,

    “Feature buttons are missing from the editor: To encourage proper use of HTML elements, and to reduce the misuse of confusing elements (such as underlines for example), the toolbars have been rearranged (and some options removed, although their keyboard shortcuts will continue to work as expected), and may be found by extending the toolbar at the top to show both lines of options.”

    I sort of knew that, which is why I posted in the Requests and Feedback forum.

    Thank you for letting me know the keyboard shortcuts still work. However, the button is not on the tool bar, even when fully extended. I guess I can look all those shortcuts up.

    Ahh! Found it: Command-U (OSX)

    Still, seems to me there is plenty of room on that tool bar, so why remove it? That was rhetorical. Don’t bother to answer it.

    This topic was “resolved” to your satisfaction, but not to mine.


    Moderator James Huff


    Still, seems to me there is plenty of room on that tool bar, so why remove it?

    That’s why Steve also linked to where you’ll find links to and

    Specifically in this case, “Underlining is a bad practice as readers can confuse it with links (bad accessibility), and it does not insert a semantic element.” and “Underline – It introduces a potentially bad user experience issue: readers confusing the underline text with a link. Underlined text is broadly interpreted as web links.”

    You can add this functionality back with though it will be under a menu, not a button.

    Bad practice? When referencing a source of information it is correct form to underline the title of the source. I was going to post an example, but, well, can’t. Since when is proper punctuation and form bad practice? If I want it linked, that’s fine, but if the source is not connected to the Internet, what then? I doubt it’s the readers that is the source of this issue, but rather the wp users who don’t know how to use the “link” button instead of underline.

    I think I’ll make my own call as to what is “bad practice” for my blog. I know your developers are continually trying to improve the WP experience, but removing several functionalities from the tool bar that have been there for ages was not, in my opinion, a wise move. The decision whether to use them should have been left to the user.

    I appreciate your developers leaving the functionality of the keyboard shortcuts in WP (which is not the case for this forum) and I hope they will continue to do so in future iterations of WP. However, please consider my request for reinstatement of the underline function on the tool bar as still in effect.

    No need to respond. I have unsubscribed to the thread. Thanks.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    When referencing a source of information it is correct form to underline the title of the source.

    Actually A correct form is to underline per most style guides. (See Harvard Style Guide, Strunk & White, etc)

    Quick note for those looking to remove underlining: You can remove underlining using the “Clear Formatting” eraser icon in the second row of buttons.

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