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Where/how to get started with this …

  • Hi all,

    I’m wondering if someone can point in the right direction.

    I’m reasonably new to WordPress and customisation – but I do have a pretty solid understanding of HTML, structure and some PHP understanding.

    What I need to create …


    I can handle getting it skinned … that should be fine – what I DO need help with is getting the nav and sub nav to serve particular content to the relevant columns. See next image http://www.solid-creative.com/temp/BFFMelb08_02.jpg and http://www.solid-creative.com/temp/BFFMelb08_03.jpg which hopefully illustrates what is required.

    You’re probably wondering … “why, if you don’t know much about wordpress etc are you even bothering with customising this. get someone who knows what they’re doing to do it.” Which is absolutely true, however … as there is no money in this project I’m guessing people wouldn’t be interested. If you are able to help however, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Any and all help welcome.



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