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  • Hi there,

    First off, the plugin looks incredibly cool! Thank you for making it!

    I have a blog and have been searching for a plugin that can handle geo-tagged photos. This looks like it is the best plugin for geo-tagged photos, so I wanted to propose an idea..

    What I would like to do on my blog is, for any pictures in a post which have geotag data in them, display a little link/icon when the user mouses over the photo, which says something like “Where was this photo taken?” or “Where is this?”. If the user clicks the link, then a map would pop up showing the photos location (perhaps the map is just shadow-box style).

    The reason I’m interested in something working this way is that I like the way the photos are showing up in my posts, but some users reading my blog ask me where the pictures are taken. All the information is there, because all the photos are geo-tagged, but right now there is no way for the user to find out..

    Anyhow, just an idea, thanks again for the cool plugin!


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  • Plugin Author stevenellis


    Hi Sam,

    Thanks very much for the message and your feedback, it’s a great idea. I will take it to the team and we can look at creating a plugin like this, or even enhancing the current easy2map-photos plugin.
    Would you be OK with us asking for feedback on this while in development?

    Kind regards,


    I’d be happy to help any way I can. I’ve actually prototyped this doing it all with client-side javascript for parsing the exif data. My only issue is that I’m a total wordpress noob and don’t know how to write plugins.

    There is a nice client-side exif parser in JS available here:

    That is what I used. I’d be happy to share the code I wrote to do this with you if you’d like.


    Plugin Author stevenellis


    Thanks very much for the link, Sam, it looks like a great solution to the functionality you suggest.
    Once we have some sort of prototype of the new functionality, we will be in touch to get your feedback. Could you possibly email me at so I have your email address.

    We really appreciate your interest and offer to help!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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