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  • Hello I tried inserting images on my wordpress site either with the
    usaual insert media button however was not working ….
    or tried tu upload via Cpanel – File Manager – tried to put the images in the upload folder to fin it when trying to select but it did not work either there was no image files showing to choose even it is sitting there , I understand that I had to create a kind of folder structure can anyone give excample where the images should sit and how the folder structer should be something with year and month but hoiw exactly and where so that I can then simply select them for my page ?

    Example ??

    I just want to put images to my wordpress site , this should be easy
    no , but I am tring to get this fixed since 2 days now several plugins
    with galleries are existing but none of them really is useful to get simple images up to somewhere and then to select for your page –

    Since there are toooo many plugins around old and new mixed up and you get really lost on what will work for what you need …

    Please Help

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  • The WP image load feature works well. Click “add media” and it will load the right folder automatically.
    You then can go to the new post HTML and see exactly where the images are stored.
    I see it stored at


    Also if you CAN’t find your image listed in WordPress admin… for whatever reason… you can still always post an image if YOU know the correct URL of it already.

    So let’s say you use cPanel File Manager to put your pix in another directory, outside your wordpress. Example

    So in your WP Admin > Write Post, you can forget about the media uploader thingy and just click Insert Image, and type (or paste) that URL of your image.

    Now I’ll tell ya, cPanel File Manager is not always the easiest way to get pix in your images directory outside of WP. You could do it with an FTP program, such as FireFTP right inside your Firefox browser. Or try Right Upload, a super-easy FTP method. Or try a hosted photo website like Photobucket or Flickr. They give you the HTML code to display your linked image with ease, which you can just copy-paste into the code view of your WP Write Post.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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