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[Resolved] Where to upload files to?

  • I am writing a page for someone who wants a blog on his site, and I am clueless. The installation instructions say to upload everything. My question is, Which directory do I need to put them in at the host server?

    I want to complete that step first, before configuring it according to the README file, but don’t want to clutter up the server by trial and error.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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  • esmi


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    Which directory do I need to put them in

    Which directory do you want the WordPress site to run from?


    I am being hosted at HostGator, and I chose to install the version supplied by them, to minimize any compatibility or configuration issues — it is the latest version, anyhow.

    What I am wondering is how to customize the page appearance so it appears styled as my other pages. Not wanting to remove references to WordPress, but wanting it to look exactly as the other pages do.

    Primarily, I want to include the floating Navigation menu, and make the center column the same color as the page background.



    Sorry, I didn’t see your reply ’til now. The blog is at /blog on the root of the site, and it is now active.



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    so it appears styled as my other pages

    What other pages? Ones on a non-WordPress site?

    You’ll have to customize your WordPress theme to look like your non WordPress site. Unfortunately there aren’t any shortcuts to this.

    This page might help.

    Thanks, fonghl. I will look to that.

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