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  • Hey. I’m fairly new to coding in .php format. I am also new to modifying the back end of wordpress sites. I am trying to write a code that will display a table on a page that pulls information from a database that contains several businesses. People will be able to search through the table of 1000+ businesses by sorting through multiple columns. I am not sure how to start this script. I don’t know what action hook to use to make this appear in the middle of the page where the text is usually at. Any ideas?

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    For an app where all modifications are done through hooks, this particular scenario surprisingly does not normally employ hooks. Partly because the back end has fewer hooks available. You will want to add your own admin page for this. See Administration Menus.

    This sounds more like a front end sort of page to me. You can restrict who views a particular front end page easily enough. Your table on the front end would involve creating a custom page template, then creating a WP post type page based on that template. The tutorial for Creating an Archive Index uses the same principle, only the actual content of the template is different.

    There are other ways to put content on a page, but those two give you the most power and flexibility.

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