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  • SCNisHere,

    you put that code wherever you want to allow the user to submit an application.
    To me, it makes the most sense to make available on the actual job posting.

    out of the box, the master plugin has a template file called job-application.php, which controls the information that shows up when you press “Apply for Job” button on the job posting.

    However, you may need to take away portions of the code to make it work with your own theme depending on how your theme works. Using the standard installation of Genesis, mine had trouble locating the plugins class. Just an FYI.

    You can put that code in that spot of the template file. You may also wish to comment out the standard code that tells the application to submit via email.

    The only other issue I see with this add-on for the job manager is that it doesn’t do anything to link the form to the application. The only link you’ll see is gravity form’s native embed page link which shows the page slug where the form was entered. That’s not real helpful for a full blow job listing.

    To make this really helpful, you’d need some custom code to pre-fill a gravity form field with the job name / id.

    Good luck.

    Hi cgrella

    I’m using Genesis too and having the same problem. Can you explain a little more please about the solution you found?

    Do you have a live site running it I could take a look at?

    Thanks very much


    Jason Paul


    What is the point of this add-on if it doesn’t actually connect a job to the form? Just wasted an hour setting things up and not to thrilled about this apparent dead-end.

    Where exactly do you put the above code?

    This plugin isn’t very useful without some documentation as to where you need to insert the code the make it work?

    Is this only meant to be used with the Jobify theme?

    This thing i rubbish. how the hell is it suppose to be integrated. More documentation needed.

    having same problem. would love some clarification

    Plugin Author Adam Pickering




    Well, this sure sucks ass!

    I have Gravity Forms installed
    I have Jobify installed
    I have this plugin installed
    I have made a Gravity Form with a hidden field (according to this plugins FAQ)

    I’ve tried:

    Reading the FAQ ( …yes I HAVE READ IT, so please don’t refer me to reading it again!

    Adding this to functions.php, style.php and job-application.php:
    if ( class_exists( ‘Astoundify_Job_Manager_Apply’ ) ) :
    echo do_shortcode( ‘[gravityform id=”‘ . get_option( ‘job_manager_gravity_form’ ) . ‘” title=”false” ajax=”true”]’ );

    Nothing works.

    Can you PLEEEEASE explain to all us apparently stupid folk how the heck we are supposed to get this plugin to work? Where EXACTLY are we to add EXACTLY which line of code?

    Thanks in advance…

    …ohh, and a small piece of advice: maybe you should reevaluate your FAQ/guide/etc. Communication is a two way street, and if people don’t get, what you are saying, that’s gonna get you those 1-star ratings. Just sayin’

    Plugin Author Adam Pickering


    “I have Jobify installed” Bought Jobify great!! Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We can’t thank you enough. Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

    Our dedicated support forum can be found Here. To register go Here.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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