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  • I signed up for wordpress through my own domain and file hosting provider and when i access my server space through ftp, i cant seem to find anything with regards to wordpress or blog files…I just want to edit the html/css/feel of my site!

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  • I had the same problem a few days ago when I signed up as well ! You have to go to the public_html part of you site…easy to say but it took me a little while to figure out !

    Have you installed WordPress yet ? Can you login into WordPress ?

    The path is this: /www/wp-content/themes/ and then your theme folder ans all your files are in there.

    You can find out more about wordpress here, it’s been written for beginners like you.

    ok ill give these a shot tonight when i can access my server with ftp.

    zhuli – i didnt technically “install” wordpress. i signed up for it through my domain provider and they did all the setup for me. i did not have to download anything or manually drop things into my server folders

    depecoder – ok ill give that a shot.

    ill have to look into this more. nothing on my FTP hosting with the files. Ill give that dummies book a try

    ok i read through the installation guide on that link and i have no idea how to get through the first step! if i log into wordpress through my internet hosting there is no such thing as the things listed. if is sign into my internet hosting itself there is also no such thing as that. if i ftp my server space, there is no folder related to wordpress.

    am i just plain dumb here? someone help me get jump started here.

    The first thing to do when connecting to your web host with an ftp client is to identify the root of the web host. This is commonly public_html but not necessarily. It might be www or some such. Then go from there. WP is in there somewhere.

    when i connect using my FTP i am connect to the / directory. only non personal files are


    none of which contain anything remotely related to wordpress. what in the world is that link that dopecoder sent me saying? i suppose i am looking for a folder with WP stuff in it? or am i wrong

    seems like i could go crazy setting up something that is supposed to be bonehead as a blog!

    so no one really knows? gosh i just want to edit the look of the site. this is sad.

    Email me kaitanium and I will give you a hand.

    shadow12 gmail

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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