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  • Hi all, JUST discovered that my robot.txt file has an extra “/” that is blocking all search engines. But I have NO IDEA where to actually find that file. I know it exists because Google Verification told me! Can anybody tell me how to find the robot.txt file?? I’m Worth The Whisk, by the way.

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  • First let me say…. very, very cool blog name! Great looking as well. It left me with a smile!

    Your robots.txt will be located in your root folder. Here is where it comes up at:

    And here is what the contents look like.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    Presently it appears to be disallowing all crawling.

    And here is an interesting article on that very subject from right here in the codex, if you wish to take a look.

    Just an after-thought. Don’t forget to double check your privacy settings and make sure you’re not blocking search engines by accident.

    Hi there,
    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but this is the first relevant post I’ve found.
    I’m Simon, new to this and very, very confused and probably a bit thick. I’ve just spent 3 days trying to get to the bottom of this robots.txt issue and until finding this post have got nowhere.
    Can someone please help. I don’t know where to look for the robot.txt files. In cPanel or somewhere in WordPress?
    User-agent: *


    I have no idea where to edit this code.

    My privacy settings are set to public

    I have this main domain plus three add-on domains. None of the three are getting indexed and I cannot find a step by step instruction guide for an idiot on how to resolve or even identify if the problem is robots.txt, htaccess or an issue with them being add-on domains, and yes I have looked long and hard, maybe not using the correct search terms?

    Please don’t offer any sarcastic comments about newbies not doing their homework, I’ve had enough of unhelpful comments from 15 yr old retentives from other forums and so called “help” sites. My brain is old and slow, please treat as such.

    Suggestions or links to relevant posts will be very appreciated

    Thanking you in anticipation


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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