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  • Where to find file scaffolding.less
    I am new with WordPress and finding it great except trying to manipulate my site.
    I have done so to a lot of the site but keep coming across the scaffolding.less if I want to change colours etc but I have no idea where this is or how to change anything
    any help would be appreciated thanks

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  • That file isn’t aprt of the WordPress core. Being a .less file it’s most likely something in your theme so I’d start looking in there.


    Be aware that LESS files need to be processed into CSS files to work. If your developer tools are showing styles as coming from a .less file then your theme likely has a source map. This is typically only for development purposes only. The actual styles will be coming from a .css file somewhere. You should ask your theme author for specifics.

    That being said you should edit CSS files in your theme. Any changes you make will be erased when/if the theme is updated. Instead add your custom CSS to the Additional CSS section of the Customizer.

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    Ok thanks for the info Jacob but I found it was in the bootstrap.css file and changes made and running great

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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