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    My site, WP generated, is a photography website, and I am wanting to organize my content using the ‘Category’ and ‘Tag’ thusly:

    Categories will be to aggregate and organize Journal (blog) entries, and Tags will be for aggregating and organizing photos.

    For example, a post entry written about photo shooting techniques, will be filed under just that – ‘Photo Shooting Techniques’, where a reader can click on that category to read all similarly related post entries.

    I want to do the same with ‘Tags’, and use those as a organizational aggregator of photos of different subject matter, for example, a post containing a photo of a child, would be ‘Tagged’ as filed under ‘Children’, where the visitor can just click on the ‘Children’ Tag, and be taken to all similarly tagged photos.

    I know that is not how Tags are generally used as and for… but, that is how they are on my site. All of that doesn’t matter anyway, the point of my writing here, is to see where it is in the coding where I can change the meta wording that is shown at the bottom of a post entry –

    This entry was posted in “” and tagged “”.

    I just simply want to edit what it says to –

    This Journal entry was posted in “”. Photo(s) Tagged under “”.

    I can’t find where to edit that meta though. I edited the Category.php and Tag.php so that when a visitor clicks on either a category or tag, the ensuing page that opens will be labeled as ‘Journal Category Archives’ and ‘Photo Tag Archives’… but, where do I change that meta wording found at the end of every post? That is where I just need to know.

    I am using the Coraline theme.

    Thank you for your time and suggestions for me to go look. All the best to you,

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  • depends on your theme. Some themes such as twentyten define that witin a function in functions.php

    Some may offload that function from functions.php to another file

    And some may have it directly in the template.
    index.php is your normal posts page
    single.php is single post view
    page.php is page view
    etc….. you may have to look in and change multiple files

    Hello again, Rev.

    Yep, you were right, it was under the Functions.php.

    I now have it changed and how I want it! Woo-hoo! Rock on!

    Thank you for your time, and assistance, Rev, I sincerely appreciate it!

    All the best to you,

    PS: Sorry, I just noticed that WP is now 3.1.2 as of today… I am actually still 3.1.1, not 3.1.2 as I erroneously clicked on in the drop-down menu.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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