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  • I have a web site on PowWeb. I am contemplating starting a blog. I know VERY LITTLE about the mechanics of the web site. I use it mostly as a photo gallery and use FrontPage as my editor(?).
    I know even less about blogs, except I read them all the time.
    It occurs to me I might MOST SIMPLY start with the offer from WordPress for a free web url, then as I wished to expand the capabilities of my blog — you know, when I become the next Daily Kos — I would move my site to PowWeb or some other web hosting site that offers more flexibility for a charge.
    I look at this as a way to learn the ropes.
    Am I missing something? Since I already have a web host in PowWeb, should I start directly with them?
    I see WordPress advertising almost immediate posting to the web. I read MANY posts from more experienced users than I of problems they have starting with PowWeb.
    Advice sought. Thanks in advance.

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  • You could start with PowWeb because they have an automatic installer that would put WordPress up for you. Of course, that lands you knee deep in updating and makes you responsible for any problems, but it also gives you more freedom and control over your blog.

    It’s certainly not a bad idea to start with a blog first, as a way to get your feet wet.

    I like the get my feet wet first approach. Would I be able at some point to move the blog to PowWeb without starting from scratch?

    Hrm… I don’t see an option to export your entries on a blog, which is what you’d need. It looks to me like you’d have to start from scratch, though you could copy and paste all your old entries. And who knows? Maybe it’s in the works to allow exporting entries.




    Yes, you can export your entries from to a self-hosted blog. Its done via the manage >> export option on, and the import option on the self-hosted. Its the last choice on the “import” tab: Import posts from an RSS feed

    There is also at least one plugin that accomplishes it for those confused by doing it the standard way (via xml).

    Got it. I was just looking in the wrong place. Thanks, whooami.

    There you go, jimsolt. No reason not to go ahead with your blog first.

    Thanks for all your help. I’ll probably be back, but for now . . . here goes!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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