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    Hi Folks,

    With WooCommerce Services, where do I add the price of the pkg so it is calculated as part of the shipping cost?

    Example, the “shipping” for a product in a predefined medium box is say, $15. But the box itself is $5. This $5 should be added to the shipping cost presented to the customer at checkout. It’s akin to wanting to add an “admin” or “handling” fee perhaps.

    I look forward to your thoughts,

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  • Plugin Contributor Paul Dechov



    You can do this in the shipping method settings (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> [zone] -> USPS), if you expand the service categories (under “Rates”). Each service can be adjusted by either a fixed amount or a percentage, so in your example, you can put in $5 as the price adjustment for that medium box. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for getting in touch!




    Thanks Paul! I missed it as I hadn’t expanded the Rates… 🙁
    Got it.. and it works perfectly. Thanks again.

    Here’s another related issue:

    My client has this scenario for various products:
    1. If a single product is purchased, we want the plugin to calculate the shipping based on its dimensions as it is not to be “boxed”… it is already in its own packaging.
    2. If several items (item above) are purchased they are to be combined in a predefined box. I defined the box dimensions.

    The shipping for multiple product purchase appears to be calculated correctly but not the single product purchase.

    It appears as though the calculation of the single product is calculated as is if is boxed in the custom box defined and not calculated based on the product specs… where the product would be shipped, “non-boxed”, by itself.

    How do we configure the product or plugin to calculate the shipping given only the product’s specs… not pretending we will be boxing it in the predefined box?


    Plugin Contributor Jeff Stieler


    @gillesgagnon, do you mind opening a new support topic for your other issue? (they don’t appear to be related)


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