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  • it used to be under OPTIONS , MICELLANEOUS now file upload is not there? what the heck is going on with this new version its seriously fucked

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  • anyone know where it has gone?

    It got replaced by the new image uploader on the post page. If you want the old upload page back (seems a lot of people do), there’s a plugin here.

    Thanks Notthatugly

    i came across this fix too

    just upload into your ADMIN folder your OLD wp-optionsmisc file.

    I cant believe the idiots took it out.. like for people who use ECTO and blogjet and posttoblog.. they have to enable it and tell wordpress where to put images that are being uploaded by the program. removing it has screwed things up.. ill go get that plugin too.. thanks’

    ok that messed up.. So i reinstalled 2.0 and then used your plugin and that has given me a upload tab under options.. im gathering its on.. as you used to have to CHECK MARK under michellaneous.. but even with this plugin that is not there..

    anyway ill test it out..

    so much hassle this 2.0

    Well, assuming you were bright enough to have kept a backup dump of your database before you upgraded, all you have to do is reinstall 1.5.2 and restore your database.

    There – all fixed, you can sit there and laugh at those who are using 2.0….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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