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  • Hi:
    I realize you could install it anywhere, but I’m trying to figure out why people separate the software from the rest of their site. Is there a ‘best’ way to do this?
    Some folks have it so their URL is, some have and some have Does it make a difference? What is the reason for all of this variation?
    My first instinct is to just put WordPress at the root…
    Basically, I’m looking for pros and cons and maybe a small explanation of the variance- any info appreciated.

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  • …Prolly needs to be in Installation section but this is more about theory.

    depends on what you’re plannign to use your website for… I use mine for blogging. And with help of WP and some hacking I can build a whole website (alrleady have “About” page etc)…

    earlier i had a static web site.
    then i got myself a blog.
    dunno why but i still keep the blog seperate from the website… :p
    blog on a subdomain other stuff on the main domain…

    Alternatively you could have the blog on the domain and call the static stuff from a sub directory. Underlying all of this is an issue which no one yet has mentioned directly, which is future proofing. WP is still at 1.2 beta and many of us are regularly ugrading to newer versions. Some folks are adding hacks. Some folks need to reinstall. The important principle therefore seems to be to keep it separate and identifiable so you can do any of the above. Where it goes is really a choice and not only is there not a best solution there does not really seem to be any difference. At the margin it might be said that some search engines rate, domains higher. But that is all.

    “Alternatively you could have the blog on the domain and call the static stuff from a sub directory.”
    — I just might do it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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