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  • Since I’ve upgraded to Version 3.0 It’s been an awful experience writing new posts. I’ve also tried rolling back version 2.92, but when I sign back on it tells me I HAVE to upgrade. I’ll be honest and say I hate it so far. So I’m stuck with it.

    Tags- I can’t add tags to posts. Come on guys really?!

    Pics- The last version used to have a pop up window where you upload and add your pics as a thumbnail, not called featured post.. Now you go to a new page where it is all done with no link back to the article or dashboard or article what so ever.

    Custom Fields- If you add a custom field the entire page refreshed, and if you haven’t saved all of your work as a draft you will lose it.

    WPEzinearticles- I also submit my blog articles for EzineArticles. The plugin no long works. Some aspects of it do. like being able to choose a category, but, you’re not able to submit the article nor edit keywords or the summary.

    CyStats My stats are now all out of whack. Makes it very difficult to accurately monitor traffic.

    Upgrades are great, but not at the expense of users who use WordPress to make life easier. I think more time should’ve been given before it’s release, and a roll back option should be given for those who wish to wait while all of the kinks are hashed out. I didn’t sign up to be a tester or guinea pig at the expense of my blog.

    That’s all I have for now. But I’ll definitely be back.

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    Sorry you’re having a bad time of it and I hope you get it sorted out.

    Next time (and there will be a next time!) you may want to prepare yourself by getting the safety net ready in case you need to roll back.

    Nothing beats being able to completely roll back your files and database from a good backup. It’s the best response to an upgrade gone bad.

    Thanks for the links. I really do like WordPress. Just not 3.0 in it’s current form.

    I do have DB backups. I back up daily after every post. I attempted to reinstall the back up I made immediately before the installation of 3.0 Upon completing the reinstall a page came up telling me I had to upgrade to 3.0. I didn’t get any other options.

    Oh well I’ll tinker with it and see what happens.

    Thanks again

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    Those all sounds like, alas, plugin issues. 🙁 Scan the forums to see if your plugins have known issues or if someone has a fix. But … yeah. Can’t test all plugins 🙁

    I hear you. I’m looking into it.

    For those following.. the hello dolly plugin was causing me the grief. Just so you know.

    I don’t have the hello dolly plugin activated and I am still having lots of bad issues with 3.0, I hate it too, spend all my freaking time trying to fix stuff and no time to blog. Who cares if wordpress is free, my host account isn’t, time is money.
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    I dont have a lot of plugins and… my widgets.. 🙁



    Did you check out the screen options box? Things like the adding tags box are hidden until you check that you’d like them showing on the page. 3.0 is stuffed with all kinds of goodies but they’re hidden – I just went through and checked every option on each page and am turning them off when I’m sure I don’t want them.

    I was having several of the same issues and found that Urban Giraffe’s HeadSpace2 was the culprit. I am hoping they get a new version that is compatible with 3.0 rolled out soon!

    I also found that Headspace2 created headaches. Most importantly when you’re adding a photo to a post, it brings you to a new page away from your post instead of the pop up uploader.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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