• I was having trouble debugging an issue in my WP Cron task. It’s quite complex and calls out to an external database in multiple places, so trying to figure out where the issue was started driving me insane.

    As there was a PHP error in my code (I was trying to call a method on null) my logger wasn’t picking up any issues, nor was it even logging sometimes and no exceptions were being thrown.

    After installing Ray it worked right away with no setup (other than installing it with Composer). I then managed to find the issue in about 5 minutes because of Ray’s simplicity and speed in giving you the output.

    The UI is minimal which is perfect as nothing gets in your way while trying to debug and having everything formatted beautifully is a massive win over basic debug logging.

    I bought a licence right away and would have happily paid 2x the price I did.

    Amazingly simple yet powerful 👌

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