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  • Have you checked with the WPG2 author?

    If you continue and check the pages linked to, it’s very difficult to find any info on how it should be used. In fact, I recently was going to try wpg2 but after having tried to find any documentation on how to use it I gave up … I’m going to try again later when I got some spare time.

    With all due respect guys, can you please open up your eyes a little as the documentation WIKI link is listed in the Extend Page, the place you download the plugin from, in the WordPress Plugin Page, the place you activate the plugin from and the WPG2 Read Me file in the WPG2 Plugin the files you uploaded to your WordPress Installation.

    I’m sorry, I’m probably just stupid but the documentation is difficult to find

    I looked at these and the other pages:

    After a while I realize that the documentation here refers to v3 while the downloaded version is v2. OK, then I can use the v2 documentation … I can find instructions on how to install it (simple) and how to configure various stuff (simple) but it’s really difficult to figure out how to use it. After reading for a while and jumping back and forth trying to figure things out I understand that I should access the wp-gallery2.php page and that you shouldn’t create a page within WP to point to the gallery.

    OK, that seems to work (I wonder if I can change the name … probably).

    Can I offer two suggestions to make it easier for dummies like me:

    + Please display the docs for v2 as the default since v2 seem to be the default download

    + Make a “How to use it for dummies” page for people like me, and make it clear that the gallery is accessed by referencing that page

    I also noted that the links to themes at all point to non-existing pages (I know that the themes can be found using the popup).

    We are just about to release WPG2 3.0 which will no longer require wp-gallery2.php file, instead the Gallery2 output will be piped via an internal WordPress Page which you will be able to freely rename etc.. 3.0 Documentation is not actually at that site so all the documentation you found is 2.x based, I found the page that was mislabled 3.0x when it is 2.x based.

    As for the link it still works for me, although that site will be also removed in the upcoming few weeks as it is no longer maintained by me.

    By the way most of the information you wanted was in the

    Ahhh, v3 sounds like what I’m actually would like to have. So I’m going to wait with my new site until v3 has been released. Congratulations btw.

    Thanks, Expect the final RC of WPG2 3.0 on WordPress Extend next weekend, 22/23rd of September.

    I have just downloaded and installed WPG2 3.0 and I can’t use it either. The links seem to lead nowhere. Where does it tell me, for instance, how to upload more than one image at a time?

    You should probably look at the documentation for Gallery for this (I assume you want to use the standard Gallery upload). Basically you display the gallery and then click on “add items” in the album where you want the pictures to appear.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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