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  • littlemusicprodigy


    sorry I have no experience in any of this, so I need your help. I am trying to upload a plugin that lets me upload video files. But where can I drop this plugin? I can’t find wp-content/plugins anywhere?
    Can someone kindly walk me through the steps of installing a plugin on my wp? Thanks!

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  • Chris_K


    That would be at your web site (server). This article may be helpful? Managing_Plugins

    Thank you for your reply. I typed in
    and bunch of plugin file names appeared. I’m assuming I’m on to a right track…. I tried to extract “cool player” to wp-content/plugins it won’t let me. (I tried to use extract wizard on my computer). Can you explain it to me in detail how to do this if you can? After my first plugin upload, I will be ok, I think….




    read the content on the link HS posted:

    Things to Know Before You Install <– specifically.

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