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  • Just upgraded to 3.4
    Have googled. Just want tweak theme file code using in-band tools. Before, you went to Theme->Edit then you had a list of all your theme and child theme files and you could edit the code. Now that seems to be gone. I need it back!!!
    This is a HUGE thing! Where did it go? Please don’t tell me you can no longer do this through the control panel. I can get on the server and hack the files directly with vim for my own stuff, but plenty of people can’t. What do they do?

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  • The built in theme editor still seems to be working okay in 3.4.

    Try logging out of your site, clearing your browser cache and logging back in. If that changes nothing, you can try disabling your plugins and see if that brings it back. If it does, test your plugins one by one until you find the culprit. If not, you may also want to try temporarily changing back to the default WordPress theme, and see if that makes any difference.

    Something else to consider is whether or not it’s possible that you could have had an incomplete or interrupted upgrade for some reason.

    What will bring up? This the theme editor. If no plugin or theme removes the menu item, it should appear as the last sub-item under Appearance.

    OK here is a clue. The site in question is on WP-MS. When logged in as the grand poobah of the network, typing redirects to the theme editor for the main network site, not the comix site. When logged in as the grand poobah of everything and I admin the comix site as that, I still can’t see the Edit menu item under Appearance. I temporarily changed to the default theme. Nothing. I logged out the grand poobah, cleared the cache and logged in as just the admin for comix site only. Now when I tried the theme-editor.php URL for THAT subdomain, it says I don’t have sufficient privileges to do that. How do I grant myself that permission, being, after all, (said with a shy self deprecating pride) my excellency the master grand poobah of the entire dorkage network.

    Ugh. Now I gave the admin for comix all network privileges and now when I try to type the URL for theme editor directly it redirects to the network theme editor.

    just installed 3.4.1 hoping it would fix the problem but no. Well I guess I’ll be editing the child theme files with vim directly on the server for the time being — the theme html/css editor only offers the convenience of not having to SSH to the server but other than that you can still hang yourself pretty much the same by editing the theme.

    The built-in theme editor has never been available on multisite (previous WPMU) as far as I know.

    I always use FTP to edit files. Editing files that WordPress depend on, through WordPress itself, may create trouble when an error occurs.

    Not so my friend. I was using it regularly on multisite a couple of versions back. I don’t normally edit wordpress core, only theme child files.

    Does it have anything to do with the customization upgrade wordpress is pushing with 3.4?

    Appearance>custom takes me to a link that says $30 buys the CSS and fonts.

    Question: are you able to download the CSS from ftp?

    I don’t have Appearance->custom. I have Appearance->Theme, when clicked takes me to the theme page, and now there is a customize link, which takes me to a GUI for changing the background, menus etc. I haven’t fallen into an upsell link, though it wouldn’t suprise me. Exactly what CSS & fonts are you talking about?

    BTW I really decry this practice of making it extremely difficult or impossible for you to get at the “bare metal.” This is Microsoft’s approach. Let’s make everybody do it exactly the same….. It’s like they’re saying “We have determined that you should only tweak X and Y and you’re too dumb to understand code so we have saved you from yourself.” I’ve always been a bare metal girl and GUI’s never cover all the getting under the hood I want to do. I’m fine with more and better GUI’s but I always want the option to go naked.

    Appearance>custom takes me to a link that says $30 buys the CSS and fonts.

    That’s for sites. These forums are for self-hosted WordPress sites only, so please direct any questions to

    BTW I really decry this practice of making it extremely difficult or impossible for you to get at the “bare metal.”

    What are you talking about? If you want to edit the theme’s template files in your own favourite editor, download the relevant files via FTP, amend them and then re-upload them.

    @tixrus: Superadmins may have hade edit rights. I don’t know. My WordPress Multisite gives me no option to edit files, and hasn’t ever (since 3.0).

    Even editing child theme files through WordPress itself is something I do not recommend. If there is a fatal error then you have to access the server through FTP, or other methods bypassing WordPress.

    And then you continue as if WordPress ever was good editor for files. Truth is that any programmer will avoid using WordPress to edit files, like PHP files or CSS files. If you want to go “naked” then, as esmi says, you start your favourite code editor and transfer the files. WordPress was never built as a file editor, and never will be, even if it is possible to do it.

    You are actually complaining about your new MC not having pedals, because your old moped once had such.

    If I had never been able to edit directly thru the management panel on Multisite I wouldn’t be asking where that ability had gone. I found it a timesaver and an organizational aid to be able to do a little tweak thru WP that I knew was not gonna break anything. You can’t hang yourself any worse using wordpress than you can by downloading, tweaking, and re uploading. I know the ability was there in 3.01. And I can work around it if it no longer is so it’s not a dealbreaker. I don’t know what MC stands for. Thank you very much for your time.

    You have to go to Network Admin, then Themes, there you will find the Editor. 😉

    Did that, can tweak a few things from there, but not like the old days where I could see a list of template files and edit their code.

    Well it’s all fine for me cuz I log in to the server and edit the file directly and It’s all in svn if it blows everything up (RARELY) I revert to previous version. But this has definitely changed!!!!

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