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    I need to access the wp_config.php file in File Manager but I can’t find it anywhere, nor in FTP.

    When I do a Google search or go to WP pages, all it says is that the file is within the “installation files”.

    But where are they?

    thanks a lot

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  • it is within the directory that WordPress is installed in – but isn’t there by default – however a sample one is.

    thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t tell me how to find it.

    All the blog files are in public_html and it’s nowhere in there.

    How do I find it please?

    If you have already installed wordpress then it has to be there in public_html folder as your wordpress will not work without wp-config.php

    Thanks, I have now found it in FTP, loose within public_html > Blog, among lots of wp php files.

    But it is not showing any of these files in File Manager even though I checked “Show Hidden Files” in Public_html. The only things that show up inside the Blog folder are the wp-admin, wp-content and the wp-includes, but no loose files.

    I will try to edit the file via FTP, but all the tutorials I’ve looked at, say you can edit the wp-config file from within File Manager, so am I doing something wrong?


    No you are not doing anything different its same thing end of the day you editing a file is all personal preferences what ever you find easier.

    I have always been going to my cpanel edit my file if I have minor changes to make so that I do not have download and edit and upload.

    But you need to remember that is me as I have been working servers for almost ten years so I am more comfortable editing this way.

    Just keep backup of the file you editing just in case you make a mistake would be my recommendation.

    Thanks, what I meant was, is there not something I can do to get the files to show in File Manager?

    What file manager on the server or something else

    thanks, yes; the File Manager in Cpanel on the server. I don’t understand why people say I can edit the wp-config there, when non of the loose php files in public_html are showing at all.

    You you sure they should be there for wordpress to work
    did you install wordpress in public_html(root) or in a folder inside public_html

    thanks, yes all the blog folders are inside public_html.

    The blog is separate from the main site:
    example: and the wp folders are in the blog directory – all in public_html.

    then that is where you will find all files and folders in blog folder.

    thanks, they are not showing up, I will contact the host or cPanel. In the meantime I will edit the txt file and FTP. Thanks a lot.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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