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    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I am trying to trouble-shoot why the mailing of passwords isn’t working. I’ve read through the stuff here, and read a lot of stuff, but since i must have missed it in the set-up, i need to know where the SMTP server to use is defined. I’ve browsed all the MySQL tables and searched the entire HTML space for “SMTP” to no avail, and can’t find it in the dashboard.

    Can anyone point me to where i can check what is in there and manually edit it if need be?


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  • In MySQL, each user has a record in the wp_users table. The user name is in the user_login field; their email is in the user_email field. If you can send and receive email, the SMTP location is already set.

    What wp-login.php does is look up the username you entered when attempting to log in, calculate a new password, and then use the wp_email function to email the password to the address in the user_email field for that user.

    I’m assuming you can use MySQLAdmin to see the wp_users table. Look for a username (admin, say) and get the username’s email address. That’s where the password is sent.

    Thanks for that, but i am trying to find where the SMTP server that is used for all WP mailings is defined. All mailings out are not working. I just need to check that it is defined right and if it is, go on to troubleshooting my Postfix config.

    Thanks for your help

    You need to check with your host for that info – you can probably just search the faq’s for it.
    It’s usually or with the username the same as your account or whatever you set up.

    If you find it a huge pain, under:
    admin -> email -> email options
    If you scroll past the smtp stuff, you’ll see a dropdown for using sendmail or php mail. Mosy of the sites I set up I use the php mail option. I’ve found it less of a hassle and very reliable.

    Thanks for the help so far. I am running my own server. RH9/Postfix. I am not a PHP programmer but can hack my way around and usually get things going 🙂

    OK so to find this config i go to wp-admin/index.php and then i see nothing having to do with email other than the “secret” email address for posting via email.

    Where exactly is this interface you describe?

    Thanks again.

    admin (dashboard) -> click on email -> click on email options

    On your own server, do you have a SMTP server configured?

    In your php.ini are the configurations (search for sendmail_path)

    Thanks again, but i have no “email” to click on… My buttons are (with dashboard selected):
    * Dashboard
    * Write
    * Manage
    * Links
    * Presentation
    * Plugins
    * Users
    * Options
    * Import

    did i install wrong? using 2.0.2

    Thanks so much so far…

    Not sure, but 2.0.2 doesn’t have an email link by default. See my earlier post?

    Thanks so much… i believe i have it now. in my php.ini the sendmail_path was defined for sendmail not sendmail.postfix as it should have been.


    i’m having the same problem
    when users register I get an email telling me they’ve joined my blog but they themselves do not get their password email.
    is this the same problem you had?
    where do i find this php.ini file? and what changes do i make?
    it’s a windows server and has never normally had any problems sending email
    help appreciated

    nevermind, thanks to wpPHPMailer plugin it is all good now ^_^

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