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  • When starting to create my first campaign, I saw “How to” instructions at the top of my page for creating a campaign. there are step by step instructions that I clicked on. The instructions referred to a “Quick Template Setup Button” at the top right corner of my page. I do not have that button and the only thing I see is a heading for “Mixed Template Tags” that can not be clicked on. Please help as the templates I am looking for are not on the page that I am used to seeing them on. all I see on that first page for creating a campagine are modules like Amazone, Itune, Article, but they are not listed so as one can click on them, and nothing that says “load” as it was on fomer pages that I used when I created a page. Thanks for all and any help. I didn’t give a link to my site as it is in the Dashboard section, and I would have to give my password so I am just hoping that I can get help of a generic type and that if there is a button please be specific as to where it is or should be on the dash board and the am content “create a campign page.

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  • What template are you using at the moment?

    Presently, I am not using any. Let me explain.

    The templates I am looking for are the ones that come up automatically when you are on and only click on the “create campaign” section. this is under the “AM Content CLoner” section; However, I am NOT clicking on Templates that is also under the same section “AM Content Cloner”. It just comes up automatically. So, after I put my keywords in the appropriate place, and also List the Catagory to the right of it, I used to be able to SCROLL DOWN to templates and I will give you the descripiton of what I was able to do. I would pick one from the drop down box, such as “Article Default”, and then click “Load” then underneat that it would say “add another template” also on that same screen there would be a percentage rating of the chance of being used. If I only selected one template the percentage would be 100% if I clicked on the tab that said “add another template” that second one would show a 0 percentage rating as would the 3rd or 4th template until I clicked on the tab that says “Even Chances” Then the percentages would be calculated or I could enter manually what percentage I wanted each one to have a chance of being used, as long as they totalled 100 Percent. Also on previous pages on the far right and top of that same page there is a “Quick Template Setup” Tab, and a “Random Template Setup”tab. My present page has neither of those tabs for me to click on. Nothing at all. Also on my previous page under the heading of “Template post” to the right of my template and in the middle of the page, there would be underneath that, the title of the template I selected such as “Article Default” and then to the right of that, the template content and name I could select from multiple choice something such as “Amazon Review”, If I had selected “Amazon Default”, or Flickr Comments, If I had selected Flickr Default or Yahoo Ansers etc. etc. I am hoping with this extensive description you will recognize The templates I am talking about and understand that I do not have any of these things available on my present page after having clicked tab which says “create Campaign” so the long short answer to your question is that I am not using any templates at all.



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    The templates I am looking for are the ones that come up automatically when you are on

    Are you referring to the Twenty Eleven theme? Is this a site or a self-hosted WordPress install?

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