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  1. vtlynch
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    Where is the "Post Author" field on the new post page of WordPress?
    Here is an image from the Codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/images/7/7a/write2.png
    and page that references it: http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_Posts

    I have created two administrator accounts to test this feature but the box does not appear. We are setting a site up for a school newspaper, so properly attributing the writer is crucial. Ideally we do not want to create a WordPress user account for each person who is on the staff, since many wont have the ability to post their own stuff (for safety reasons), but this seems like the easiest way.

    Anyone know of a plug-in or other method that will do this better?

  2. Did you read this part on the link you provided?

    The Screen Options allow you to choose which Post Fields are displayed, or not displayed, in the underlying SubPanel. Clicking on the Screen Options tab shows a list of the columns with a check-box next to each column. Check the box for each Post Field you want displayed, or uncheck the box to not display that module. Click the Screen Options tab again to close the Screen Options. These options are saved so that you can customize how your own editing screen looks.

  3. jessn
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When editing the page or post, look up in the top right corner of the page. There should be a greyed out tab that says "Screen Options". Click on that and then check the box for post author (it might be hidden by default).

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