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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I have not found the API documentation into Github repository.

    Note : I began the French translation.

    I have submitted two enhancement proposals on WP support.
    I began a “objects model” to explain UAM features and for which I uses a text that I have written as answer to a user eval (1 star) on the support forum,the title of this text (and an svg drawing) could be “for understanding UAM basic concepts”.

    Best regards


    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    @trebly You are right there is no real documentation, I think what lllor want’s to say is that you should use the plugin code. The best is to use the uam_init action which provides you the user access manager object. A example for a plugin can be found here (Note: The plugins isn’t compatible with the latest version, but show the concepts, how you can extend the UAM)

    Hi Alex,


    My idea was exactly to find if this API can give ways to the new features of which I have the concept in my thought.
    In these new feature there is in my opinion an important function which feature is :

    Be able to check if an object managed by UAM (defined by the objects selection list, most types of “posts”) is accessible from a defined point into the code :
    boolean uam_check('access_full', $post) for example.
    This can allow to display just a warning better than to reach the main template with message “you have not access…” for example.
    But another way is a filter which could be used to extend wp function “current_user_can(“view_post”)” when uam is used

    I have others proposals.

    Note that I began the French translation of UAM, it is not so long but I had several hard bugs which made me completely overloaded last weeks, with many things waiting.

    Best regards

    note : I know well how to translate UI (using poedit) but I don’t know how to translate the whole presentation of the plugin. I just began one month ago to look at developers documentation, but I am currently stopped. I have developed or enhanced several plugins for my own usage and I plan to transform them into operational (for others users) plugin. I will have no time to do it and maintain these plugins so I need to find other developers who would take care of these plugins. I maintain some plugins which are no more supported seriously and which I have integrated into larger plugins, often after a while there were only a few content of the original.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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