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  • I am trying to add a feedback form that is available through What I want to do is have the form in a page. So when I go to cut and paste the code into the Page Content area, there must be some odd html translation that goes on because the feedback form comes out improperly formatted (different in IE, Opera, and Firefox). After saving the code and seeing that it is displaying weird, I go back into the Page Content area and see that the code is different from that which I originally input. Very weird. I’m thinking that maybe if I cut and paste the feedback form code directly to the directory file itself then it won’t get imporperly translated through the Page Content form. Anyone know where the code and text you create as Pages is stored in WP?

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  • If we’re talking the content added through Create > Pages -or- Edit > Edit Pages, then it’s in the database. For the template (the basic HTML, template tags, etc.), it’s page.php, or index.php (if no page.php exists) for the active theme.

    You may want to look into how to create and assign a custom Page template, which would be best for setting up HTML forms and such on a Page:


    I had the exact same problem – every time I saved the code, then looked at it again, it had changed. I’m guessing this is caused by a glitch in the WYSIWYG editor. The easiest way to get around the problem is to to disable the editor temporarily (or permanently, if you want.)

    If you don’t know how, it’s very easy. Click the link at top right side labelled ‘my account’. At the bottom of that page, un-tick the box under ‘personal options’ at the bottom of the page. Save changes.

    Then go back to your pages area. I would suggest you just delete the page you were working on and create a new one. Now you’ll be able to paste in the HTML you want, and it shouldn’t change at all after you save it. Just be sure to finish all your changes with the file before turning on the WYS editor again.

    It worked for me. Good luck!

    Kafkaesqui – I checked out that page and followed the directions to create a new page template in which I added the feedback form code below the “entry” area. That solution works fine now. Thanks!

    Vcoe – Had I seen your reply in time I could’ve used that solution instead. It sounds easier for what I was trying to do, but oh well. Thanks anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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