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  • Resolved damien990


    Hi SIr

    I just activate the plugin of
    1)mu-plugin tool

    Would you please tell me where is the said “Network Admin->Users->”User Activation Keys” page
    and do i need to put the “user-activate-keys” from plugin folder to mu-plugin folder by using file manager moving it!


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  • Plugin Author David Sader


    This plugin is only useful AFTER you have set up your WordPress Network.

    And no you do not have to move the plugin to mu-plugins, you can “Network Activate” from your “Network Plugins” page.

    Hi David

    OK! so I set-up a wordpress network now!

    I goto the network admin than….plugin to activate

    On the menu bar,
    network->user->user activation keys
    as below:

    “User Activation Keys
    No user activation keys in $wpdb->signups. If you delete a user, you should be able to reuse the username immediatley. If the user still had a registration key, it would need to be deleted before you could signup again right away with the same username. You can also manually approve users that for whatever reason have not completed their activation.”

    Which I done wrong?

    thanks your adv

    HI David

    Great! This is working now!

    thanks very much!

    hi David

    There has a conflict when after create wordpress network with MP6 on top admin bar. on cell phone.
    User cannot logout as the Gravator missing on top right corner!

    Plugin Author David Sader


    Lol, you better start a new thread, those issues have nothing to do with my plugin do they?

    Hi David

    You right,

    Thanks you!

    Hi David

    I Don’t know why there has “no activation key” to new user? they can do only on registration process, but cannot receiving any activation email?

    I had check the wp-mail php(), working ok.
    Add new user working ok and with wp-mail notification.

    ps: Mu-plugin Tool is still nothing ?

    Plugin Author David Sader


    All your network signups must work normally first, with no plugins installed.

    Make certain new user signups receive activation email. If email is interrupted, it is not my plugin creating the problem, nor will it fix errant email.

    Verify that all signups of new users happen normally WITHOUT any plugins installed.

    PS: “mu-plugin tool” not working? Do not use it.

    Big Smile wordpress Network wp-mail(), email issue fixed finally!

    Make New Registration WP sign-up form by installing and activate [join my multisite] plugin ,which have a widget for New User Registration.
    disable Buddypress wp-registration page.
    test wp_email() feature is work OK, than deactivate [wp-mail SMTP] plugin if any!
    User activation keys email sent out
    [User set] password by “Loss password” on the Buddypress Activation Page login.
    wp-mail() send out 2nd email to new registration user for password reset.

    No email server setting or css modification has been made. I think it is the Main issue came from Change the registration request field!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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